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We are the first and only accredited training provider in South Africa who can offer you the chance to get your national certificate in Waterproofing.


It became apparent over the years that there was no formal training for any individuals within the Waterproofing and Roof repairs industry, whether they were just entering the industry or had experience in the field.

Although suppliers have had information sessions for the contractors which purchase their products the amount of information taught was limited and did not cover the whole spectrum of knowledge contractors require to be able to perform the correct maintenance or repairs with the correct products.

This resulted in many unhappy customers as their problems were not resolved to satisfaction.

After many years of deliberation over this matter The Roofing Academy was born, the only accredited training facility in South Africa that offers a National Certificate in Waterproofing. The formal qualification is accredited by the Construction Ceta.


Why Choose the Academy


Training from industry experts

Receive your training from industry experts with decades of industry experience and expertise


National Qualification

Master your craft as a whole by Receiving your National Certification in Waterproofing NQF Level 2 or further your career through one of our individual training modules


SAQA and Ceta Accredited

BMI Coverland Roofing Academy is accredited by both sAQA and Ceta.


The commercial and residential roofing industry is booming. Our training is designed to help students build the necessary skills needed.

The Roofing Academy combines classroom and on-the-roof training. After completing the various different unit standards each learner will know exactly how to undertake the various different aspects of waterproofing and roof repairs and will also know which type of material is best to use for the various different applications.

The students will be taught the industry best practice as well as the minimum standards required for customer satisfaction. You’ll be working alongside industry-experienced tutors and tradesman as you work on-site in a real-working environment.

Developing employee skills also leads to happier employees as they are more confident in the jobs they are requested to undertake.

"Education does not ensure employment, skill does"
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